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Alley to reality                   Image and likeness                     The choice                               All we need is love              

Authority power                It's good to love oneself              The light? perception?           Angels on the net                   It's not a matter of asking          The promise land

Awareness                         Knock on wood                            The soul with no laws            Be right or be happy              Let go                                            The supply

Before the begining          Let it be                                         The way                                   Bliss                                        Longing for a state of mind         The will

Citizens of the universe   Lost in percepcion                        The word                                 Division                                   Meant for greatness                      To the ones near children

Ecstasy on train B             Meditation                                    Touch of wisdom                    Everywhere                            Moody...stop                                  Trick of perception

Forgive me                         No more shoulds                         Try 4 today                              Gratitude                                Now                                                 Uplifting ones

Harmony                             Prayer                                           Valentine                                Heaven or earth                    Remember who you are               Values

How come                          Surrender                                     What a feeling                       I am...the harmonious           The Bible                                          What is the truth

                                           The Creator                                    Is                                             Where there is love              Xizalouex


Striving for being special...?

                 Acknowledge it, Accept it........

                                Already You Are !!!

Be What and Who You Were Born to Be

                    Happy      Today !

     Be what And who 

                You were meant to be

                            Happy  Today!


Each and every one of my poems has a message that has came into my life somehow and on its own time. I know I can't teach you anything, only inspire, motivate and help you to remember what it is already in you. I don't apologize if you don't like them, I only know I do my best and I am happy observing and interpreting life my way at every segment of it. I feel free to change my ideas at any second, but priorities are strong pro humanity's wellbeing.


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