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Alley to reality                   Image and likeness                     The choice                               All we need is love              

Authority power                It's good to love oneself              The light? perception?           Angels on the net                   It's not a matter of asking          The promise land

Awareness                         Knock on wood                            The soul with no laws            Be right or be happy              Let go                                            The supply

Before the begining          Let it be                                         The way                                   Bliss                                        Longing for a state of mind         The will

Citizens of the universe   Lost in percepcion                        The word                                 Division                                   Meant for greatness                      To the ones near children

Ecstasy on train B             Meditation                                    Touch of wisdom                    Everywhere                            Moody...stop                                  Trick of perception

Forgive me                         No more shoulds                         Try 4 today                              Gratitude                                Now                                                 Uplifting ones

Harmony                             Prayer                                           Valentine                                Heaven or earth                    Remember who you are               Values

How come                          Surrender                                     What a feeling                       I am...the harmonious           The Bible                                          What is the truth

                                           The Creator                                    Is                                             Where there is love              Xizalouex


"God has implanted in our consciousness the fullness of the Godhead bodily,

and now we must turn within and draw it forth, let it flow"

                                 Joel Goldsmith

"No human circumstance

or condition can lessen our income and wealth while

we abide in this consciousness of the presence of love"






“We live under the illusion that material forces and human will are great powers until we learn that within our own being there is a spiritual power which dispels this illusion".



"There is a "Peace, be still" within our own consciousness which will still every storm in our experience, heal our diseases, lift us above the strife and weariness of human experience. Our part is to recognize its presence within ourselves and Let it fulfill its mission. This universal power of Truth, Life and Love is ours regardless of which church we attend or what philosophy we follow. It abides at the centre of every individual, saint or sinner, awaiting only our recognition. The awareness that human power does not regulate the sun and stars in the heavens; the crops in the earth; the winging of birds in the air - is sufficient faith to move mountains of discord. No greater faith is necessary"



"The necessity for giving up the material sense of existence for the attainment of the spiritual consciousness of life and its activities is the secret of the seers, prophets, and saints of all ages. That it is practical is proved today by the healing and regenerating works done by many students of modern schools of practical or scientific Christianity. When the world learns that whatever success has been gained in improving conditions of health, wealth, and security in the lives of these modern followers of ancient teachings has been accomplished solely by the surrender of material sense through the attainment of spiritual consciousness, it may well look up with hope"



"Be assured inner peace will come as one turns to the spiritual consciousness of life, and an outer calm will follow in one's human affairs. The outer world will conform to the inner awareness of Truth"


"The authority for all of this revelation will be you -- as you yourself experience this change within and without"


"My  Kingdom  is  not  of  this  world.  Only  as  we  transcend  the desire  to  improve  our  humanhood     do   we   undertsand  this vital statement"


"For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteusness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost"


" How frequently do we attempt to understand spiritual wisdom with our human intellect! This leads to mental indigestion because we are attempting to digest spiritual food with our educated mentality. It will not work. Truth is not a reasoning process; therefore, it must be spiritually discerned. Truth does not as a rule appeal to our reason, and when it appears to do so, we must search deeply to see if it really is truth. Be suspicious of a truth that seems reasonable"


"Yet the fruitage of spiritual understanding is greater harmony,

peace, prosperity, joy, and more ideal companionships and relationships"


"To receive the word of God or spiritual sense, we need to feel rather than reason"


"In cultivating our spiritual sense we become receptive to thoughts which come to us from within. We become hearers of the Word rather than speakers. We become so attuned to Spirit that we feel the divine harmony of being; we feel the actual presence of God. Having transcended the five physical senses, our intuitive faculty is alert, receptive and responsive to the things of the Spirit, and we begin our new existence as a result of this spiritual rebirth".








Religion, the conventional forms of religion, involving a personal God to whom petitionary prayers are addressed, is apt to prove fruitless and to lead to no more than a pious, gloomy resignation, and the philosophy of pure materialism, an acceptance of "That is the way things are," leads only to a cursing despair.

" The realization that every individual 

is  the presence of God,

that all that is,   is God appearing,

is spiritual consciousness"


"Recognize every evil appearance as a false perception of harmony and therefore not to be feared or hated, and this will result in the disappearance of the illusion and the showing forth of reality"


"Illumination dissolves all material ties and binds men together with the golden chains of spiritual understanding; it acknowledges only the leadership of the Christ; it has no ritual or rule but the divine, impersonal, universal love, no other worship than the inner Flame that is ever lit at the shrine of Spirit. This union is the free state of spiritual brotherhood. The only restraint is the discipline of Soul; therefore, we know liberty without license; we are a united universe without physical limits, a divine service to God without ceremony or creed"





"About 500 B.C. it was written: "It easily happens that a man, when taking a bath, steps upon a wet rope and imagines that it is a snake. Horror will overcome him, and he will shake from fear, anticipating in his thought all the agonies caused by the serpent's venomous bite. What a relief does this man experience when he sees that the rope is no snake! The cause of his fright lies in his error, his ignorance, his illusion. If the true nature of the rope is recognized, his tranquility of mind will come back to him; he will feel relieved; he will be joyful and happy. This is the state of mind of one who has recognized that there is no personal self, that the cause of all his troubles, cares, and vanities is a mirage, a shadow, a dream." 

"So again. illumination reveals that there is no error,

that what appears as the snake --sin, disease, discord, death -- is reality itself misperceived by finite sense. Then discords are not to be hated, feared or resented, but reinterpreted until the true nature of the rope --reality-- is discerned through spiritual sense. The snake --disease or discord-- is merely a state of mind, with no corresponding external reality".

"The immortal can be reached by continuous acts of kindliness, and perfection is accomplished by compassion and charity. The greater the degree of unselfed love that we attain, the nearer we come to the realization of the universal I as our real being"

The real Self is the embodiment of infinite spiritual ideas and activities forever expressing. Itself without limit or restraint.

"Sickness, sin, limitation, fear, unrest, or ignorance. We are able to meet these needs only as we impersonalize both good and evil and understand that harmony is the quality and activity of Soul, universallity and individually expressing itself."

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