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Alley to reality                   Image and likeness                     The choice                               All we need is love              

Authority power                It's good to love oneself              The light? perception?           Angels on the net                   It's not a matter of asking          The promise land

Awareness                         Knock on wood                            The soul with no laws            Be right or be happy              Let go                                            The supply

Before the begining          Let it be                                         The way                                   Bliss                                        Longing for a state of mind         The will

Citizens of the universe   Lost in percepcion                        The word                                 Division                                   Meant for greatness                      To the ones near children

Ecstasy on train B             Meditation                                    Touch of wisdom                    Everywhere                            Moody...stop                                  Trick of perception

Forgive me                         No more shoulds                         Try 4 today                              Gratitude                                Now                                                 Uplifting ones

Harmony                             Prayer                                           Valentine                                Heaven or earth                    Remember who you are               Values

How come                          Surrender                                     What a feeling                       I am...the harmonious           The Bible                                          What is the truth

                                           The Creator                                    Is                                             Where there is love              Xizalouex


Be What and Who You Were Born to Be

                    Happy      Today !

      All Is Well

           The book that ignites

                  Peace and contenment ...

           The one that sets you free

New Poetry Imparts Wisdom for the Ever-changing Soul


 Triana stresses the importance of living second to second and reminds all readers to create harmony and peace among themselves.


“Each one of us is meant to shine in his or her own way,” Triana states. “There is no reason for egos to compete or to be greedy. I want readers to enhance their lives while having a feeling of worthiness and joy when reading my poems.”

All Is Well is......

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Author Martha Triana’s evocative new collection of poetry, “All Is Well: Uplifting Poetry” (published by Balboa Press), evokes the wisdom of Buddha, Confucius and Jesus Christ as she interprets life, the universe and the Creator through poems and prose.


“We need to get back to live our own life instead of living other’s lives,” says Triana. “We need to remember and be reminded that we came to enjoy life like some children can. We must set priorities in order, thinking first in the human being as a whole.”


"All Is Well” is a celebration of life and the self. Triana’s uplifting poetry inspires readers to reflect on their feelings and their humanity. Her poems capture the random bouts of joy that have hit her on trains and on streets and illustrate the inner workings and feeling of her soul.

Martha Triana

Colombian born, teacher by

inheritance, (she has it in her

blood, refered a former 

supervisor about the way she

conducted herself in a

classroom).  Spiritually shaped by her love for nature, nature's wisdom, people, her father’s guidance and delight for teaching, and over 50 years experiencing life. Her work intends to give a respite to those feeling bombarded by information, inspire others in believing in oneself as being image and likeness of the Creator.


“All Is Well” is a compendium of life precepts towards living the meaningful life we are supposed to live as children of the Universe. Some of the writings are a reminder of key Bible statements and Jesus teachings. For example “the kingdom is within you”, “Martha…only one thing is necessary”, "Let Us make man in our image and likeness”. Several poems exemplify the praxis of remaining aware in the moment to overcome daily issues. 

As a harmonious food for the soul its uplifting poetry and some agreeable musicality provides time of remembering that which everyone already unconsciously knows.  All Is Well is a recognition of authors’ ideas such as: Anthony De Mello, who taught how to control the ups and downs to avoid discouragement; A Course in Miracles, which espouses seeing God in every one of us ‘giving’ what we were given when we were created; Louise Hay’s teachings of loving, approving and honoring ourselves; Eckhart Tolle’s concept of being conscious of everything that happens for us in our life; Esther and Jerry Hicks’ suggestion of living in the vortex to attract the best; Joel Goldsmith’s persistence in acknowledging God’s presence within in communion, stillness and meditation. “All Is Well” is an excellent present to uplift someone's heart. As my father's signature this book encompasses broadly his positive philosophy of life. It is my inspired gift of love to the world for those wanting to live life as if in heaven now.



                                      All Is Well Uplifting Poetry


                       a path to heaven 

               honoring life


  the gifts 

       bestowed on us

               at creation

                     to bring up                                                                        blessings 

                                    when choosing happiness.

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